About us

We're a Full-Service Interior Architecture Firm Based in Brussels.

At Alexandra Coppieters Interiors, we serve our clients worldwide with an impeccable design process. 

Our services range from high-end residential projects to hospitality and office design.

Our goal is to help you make your house feel like your home... just way prettier. 

At Alexandra Coppieters Interiors, we aim for a perfect synergy between the client, the space and our designs.

We create bespoke environments tailored to the needs and personality of our client. We have a fastidious eye for detail and, with the help of quality materials and extraordinary craftsmen, create a unique atmosphere. The home of your dream.

A VISION that becomes reality.
Founded in 2016, AC interiors has, since then, accomplished meaningful projects. See portfolio

Our style

We create unique places with one common denominator : they are authentic and welcoming. True to its owners.

We also put a great deal of attention into circulation and perspective. We love teasing curiosity while assuring good functionality of space. 

FOUNDER, Lead designer:

Alexandra Coppieters

As a child, Alexandra wanted to become an adventurous detective. Her never ending curiosity and sharp eye for detail still shines through, even though her path has led her to another profession.

Alexandra is a professional interior architect with a master’s degree in interior architecture & design at the CAD in Brussels where she graduated Magna Cum Laude in 2014.

Younger, her parents embarked her on a 14 month trip around the world. During that time, she discovered a passion for cultures, nature and craftsmanship that led her to travel to and live in many counties. It became a big source of inspiration for Alexandra and continues to be a creative influence. These international experiences have led her to her current position: managing projects globally.  

In 2016, Alexandra decided to launch her own company: AC Interiors. Since then, she has been able to work side by side with incredible clients on 6 to 7 figure budget projects and achieving, each time, fulfilling results.

Alexandra approaches each project with a willingness to lead her clients on an adventure. With a lot of passion and positivity, she manages each time to bring clever and creative solutions that prioritize the needs of the space, and the inhabitant’s values and personality. 

Looking to start a new project?

“Alexandra has a natural and relatable style that manages to feel high-end and modern but still authentic. We are looking forward for the next opportunity to work with her again.  "

— someone great